Contemporary Modes of Subjectivation and Spirituality

By: Gilberto Safra  

This study addresses the new modes of subjection arising from the contemporary sociocultural organization as means of defense against the experience of boredom. Postmodern personalities are discussed, among which is avatar personality, as well as is the development of spirituality leading to self-aggrandizement, spectral personality, and social personalities. These descriptions are the result of therapeutic observations in the psychoanalytic situation in dialogue with the contribution of the Russian philosopher Sergey Horujy.

Postmodernity, Subjectivation, Psychopathology, Spirituality
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Gilberto Safra

Full Professor, Psicologia Clínica, UNiversidade de São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil

I am working with psychonalalisys researching on modes of comtemporary subjectivity and religiosity