The Universality of Religious Symbols in Dreams and Hallucinations at End of Life

By: Kenneth Blanton  

Most clinical approaches to dreams and hallucinations in palliative care, whether they are religious or not, tend to be rather rudimentary and reductionistic in scope, due largely to a heavy reliance upon a biomedical model of care rooted in symptomology compounded by a sense of time constraint both with regard to professional demands and a patient's willingness or ability to explore meaning with limited time left to live. Using 3 case studies in which "religious" dreams and hallucinations are explored as part and parcel of a holistic care plan aimed to provide psycho-spiritual depth to end of life care, both for those dying and the palliative care practitioners alongside them.

Dreams, Hallucinations, Religious, Palliative Care, Holistic
2019 Special Focus—Universal Religious Symbols: Mutual Influences and Specific Relationships
Focused Discussion

Kenneth Blanton

Spiritual Care Lead, Health & Clinical services, Sue Ryder Hospice, United Kingdom
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I am a psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapist and minister of religion, as well as an advanced candidate to become a Jungian analyst with the independent group of analytical psychologists (IGAP) in London. As well as working as Spiritual Care Lead in palliative care, I maintain a private psychoanalysis practice in Ascot, Berkshire, England.