Concept of Spirituality among Millennials of De La Salle Philippines

By: Myra Patambang  

Filipino Millennials constitute one third of the country’s population (De La Cruz, 2016). This study sought to determine the following: the profile of Millennial respondents from selected Lasallian Institutions in the Philippines; their concept of spirituality based on the four general elements/indicators of spirituality (meaning and purpose, relatedness/connectedness, beliefs and belief systems, expressions); the significant difference in their concept of spirituality when grouped according to specific items that comprise the profile and the political, cultural and socio-economic issues that the Millennials consider to have a connection with their concept and experience of spirituality. A self-constructed questionnaire was designed to accomplish the objectives of the study. There had been 1,185 Millennial participants. Results showed that the over-all concept of spirituality has a qualitative interpretation of very strong concept of spirituality. When individual over-all means of each element were compared, the highest was on beliefs and belief systems and the lowest mean was on the area of expressions of spirituality. It has been established that there is a significant difference when means were compared according to gender, religious denomination, type of elementary school attended, membership in school organization/s, religious and social activities with the family, time spent in using gadgets and family income. There is no significant difference when means were compared according to age, living condition and type of high school attended. The top 5 social issues important to the Millennials are: peace and order, human rights, education, environment and marriage and family life.

Religion, Spirituality, Millennials
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Myra Patambang

Full Professor, Religious Education Unit, Integrated Humanities Department, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Philippines
Cavite, Philippines