Disability And Religion

By: Faith Muange  

Religion plays a big role in shaping the community, Deaf people identify with a different culture and language and for many people religion and worship is not a paramount part of their lives. In Kenya where the school systems are segregated students do not have access to proper religious teachings that are specific to their language need. At Catapult Studios we have identified this as a problem we would like to offer a solution to. We have developed an E learning platform for literacy and STEM skills and as an add on we have partnered with a church from Hawaii that documents the church service in sign language. The Deaf ministry has been a steady source of recording and inspiration for the students. The service is done in sign language. This is total inclusion and gives the students.

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Religious Commonalities and Differences
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Miss Faith Muange

Co Founder, Education, Catapult Studios

Faith Muange is a 2017 ADA fellow, YALI 2016 alumnae in Civic leadership, She holds a certificate in disability studies from Hawaii University, a Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing from university of Nairobi,  certificate in Leadership, Management and Communication from Africa Management Initiative and a post graduate certificate in Kenyan Sign Language UoN. She is a social change catalyst transforming the lives of Deaf youths in Kenya by enabling Deaf youth live up to their full potential as they rise above stigma, stereotypes and marginalization that they face in life. She leads a team that is dedicated to equipping Deaf,Hard of hearing, visually impaired students with literacy  skills.Catapult has a theatre arts program and summer programs  to enable the students be confident, assertive and able to organize and lead others, to engage in their communities and have a greater voice in policy dialogue, community engagement and improving their livelihoods.