Animism and Holism as Narration of Diversity

By: Grzegorz Kubiński  

The purpose of the paper is to answer the question whether the categories of spirituality can be found in the autobiography of the disabled presented in social media. Such individuals experience an individual crisis that places them in specific social roles where religion (mainly institutional) is the main support. The narrative created by people with disabilities on the Internet, however, points to their different, assertive attitude. Such people do not agree to be "the role of the sick," trying to be active participants in social life. The nature of such a way of functioning seems to be the creation of a narrative utilizing elements of contemporary spirituality. In this paper, we will present the features of the online image of such people, where they can find religious and spiritual inclinations. The paper focuses on discussing social media (Instagram, Facebook), media materials and selected parts of interviews with people with disabilities.

Animism, Disability, Media
Religious Community and Socialization
Virtual Poster

Grzegorz Kubiński

assistant professor, Institute of Philosphy and Sociology, Pedagogical University , Poland