Envisioning the Khalsa State Modeled after the Vatican State

By: Tennyson Samraj  

The intent of this paper is to present a trifold solution to the tripartite desire of the Sikh community of believers. The Sikh’s aspiration for the Khalsa state where they can define and defend Sikhism as they see fit. The Sikhs yearning that the Harmandir Sahib (abode of God) or the Golden Temple at Amritsar be the supreme center of Sikhism, and be the sacred site and seat of authority of Sikhism--the reason for the Khalsa State where Sikhs can go to and understand the practice of their faith. The Sikhs vision to live with non-Sikh fellow Indians who live within the Punjab state and the rest of the country where they live, work and what they call as their country. Sikhs can achieve these aspirations by seeking the ‘goodwill’ of the Indian government. It is proposed: to create the Khalsa State modeled after the Vatican state, where the Chief Guru like the Pope, can be both the temporal head of the Khalsa state and the spiritual leader of the Sikhs in India and around the world. The Khalsa state is formed from the area around the Harmandir Sahib temple of Amritsar, like the Vatican state around St Peter’s Cathedral. The Punjab state continue and maintain the current relationship with the federal or central government of India. The Khalsa State accept India’s sovereignty and consign foreign policy to the Indian Government. This would create a religious concave for the Sikh people similar to the Vatican state

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Dr. Tennyson Samraj

Burman University, Canada
Alberta, Canada

I teach metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of religion. My Special interest is the study of consciousness--Husserl's Intentionality of consciousness, Sartre's immateriality of consciousness, non-reductive materialist understandning of consciousness (Searle). In short what are mental states?Other interest relate to digital painting.