Pentecostalism and Nationalisation of Prayer in Zambia

By: Chammah J Kaunda  

This article analyses the response of Zambian Pentecostalism to the Declaration of National Day of Prayer and Fasting. The data was gathered through empirical missio-political prayer which took multidirectional orientation including interviews, collection of prayers, blogs and personal communications with Pentecostal pastors and lay persons in Lusaka and Ndola. The findings show that there are a number of Pentecostals seeking to engage in the Day of Prayer through activism in order to impact the nation in concrete ways. They are contesting for a paradigm shift from prayer as empty-talk to prayer as socio-political action that demands alternative political vision for the nation.

Prayer, Nationalism, Pentecostal
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Chammah J Kaunda

African Research Fellow/Senior Research Specialist , Human and Social Development (HDS) , Human Science Research Council , South Africa
South Africa