The Divine Psychotic Break

By: Judith Pentz   Melanie Richardson  

In this era of #MeToo it becomes imperative to address the insanity that has been created by the severing of the feminine from the Divine Triarchy. An inflammation of the spirit, a psychosis, has supported the degradation, debasement, and diminishment of females in the reign of the Patriarchy. Held hostage by gender roles, exclusion, and violations the Sacred Feminine has survived abuses and repression, by hiding in plain sight. Explorations of the Dark Goddesses which symbolize the cunning and sexual nature of the female to the Archetype of the cast out female in the salvation of Mary Magdalene are needed to bring the reverence back to the Sacred Feminine. This undertaking sets the stage for the analysis of the mental and spiritual illness created by the severing of half the Divine Self in each member of society. The imbalance of a Patriarchy or Matriarchy is equivalent to living in a spiritual family with divorced parents. The fullness of a relationship with both parents is denied and gaps in psychospiritual development occur. If the Sacred Feminine is brought out of the shadows, we can bask in the light of our nurturer, protector, and teacher. In this act the Patriarchy can be transformed into the Divine Masculine. With challenging the values and images we have been given in this era, we can set the stage for a Divine reunion. A healing opportunity starts with the first admission that we are under the ravages of a spiritual disorder; A divine psychotic break.

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Judith Pentz

Assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry , University of New Mexico, United States
New Mexico, United States

I have been in private practice since 1990 and returned to the university setting in the past nine years to share the wisdom I have gained in various therapeutic settings. Bringing integrative medicine focus and a greater appreciation of trauma informed care has been a long standing goal for me. I have been exploring the nature of human behavior in all age groups including a focus on attachment challenges in children and young adults in residential and hospital settings. The power of trauma continues to emerge as a main driver of human behavior in all ages.  In that often there is a disconnect or schism in the wounded person from their inner life. Included in this often there is a disdain for one's self or an exaggeration of the male or female expression that remains distorted until a level of healing is introduced. An imbalance is present. Exploring the healing process has allowed me to see the separation or the vilifying of the Divine feminine both in the internal process for many of the wounded and in the external expression in the world at large. I work part time at UNM and have a private consultation as well. In the private practice world, I have a website.

Dr. Melanie Richardson

DOM, Private Practice