The Power of Individuality

By: Ralph Becker  

Beginning in the 15th century, Western tradition and ideas spread successfully over the planet. One of the strongest tenets of the Western world is Individualism. The presentation investigates the ideational roots of the specific form that the West developed, and compares it with alternative concepts of small-scale societies and different civilizations. A result of the leading role of Western individualism can be seen in contemporary Globalization in connection with Neoliberalism. Both having a decisive impact in even the remotest parts of the world, and exerting economic and ideological pressure on spiritual worldviews of indigenous peoples. Furthermore, world economy and ecology has reached a phase of unsustainability that urges for a new approach towards nature, society, and spirituality.

Worldview Tradition Sustainability
Religious Foundations
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Ralph Becker

Lecturer / Director of Social Sciences, Anthropology / Social Sciences, California State University Stanislaus, United States
California, United States

Currently I am working as a Lecturer of Anthropology, and Social Sciences Director at the California State University Stanislaus.My academic work concerns mainly Anthropology of Religion, as well as the Philosophy of Science. For my doctaral thesis, I research about Afro-Brazilian and African cultures, in particular, spirit possession trance phenomenon and the reaction and description of the phenomenon in different scientific disciplines.Currently, I am researching about environmental and ecological problems in connection to different worldview approaches.My primary fieldwork focus is on Brazil, and the dynamic of the Candomble religion in the advancing process of contemporary globalization.