Movement for Unity and Reform as an Islam-oriented Movement

By: Driss Bouyahya  

Since the beginning of the twenty century the Islam-oriented movements have attracted the attention of many scholars and intellectuals to dismantle the mysteries of these movements’ paradigms and ideologies on the one hand and to produce insightful literary scholarship on the flourishing, the massive support and sympathy that they got from their peoples, on the other hand, starting from the case of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ending up with the Movement of Unity and Reform in Morocco. Yet, this literary scholarship is to be blamed for one important issue which is its deficiency in terms of deciphering some of the communicative ways and techniques that these Islam-oriented movements use as means to recruit and attract their adherents. In this vein, the present study tries to investigate and explores some of the ways that are utilized by the Movement for Unity and Reform as an Islam-oriented movement to address and attract students to join it. This paper is twofold. First, it tackles some of the essential mechanisms for the Islam-oriented social movements to mobilize. Second, it is an empirical study that uncovers the ways these religious movements endeavor to recruit new students on universities campuses. The rationale behind conducting this study is to identify some of the techniques and tools that are used by the Movement for Unity and Reform in the recruiting process. Besides, it is to highlight whether the contact takes place from the part of the movement or vice-versa.

Mobilization, Recruitment, Islam
The Politics of Religion
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr Driss Bouyahya

Professor Driss Bouyahya is a Ph.D holder in Political Islam and Political Communication. He is an Associate Professor at University Moulay Ismail Meknes, Morocco. He holds two Master degrees: one in Applied Linguistics from Phoenix University, Arizona. The second degree is in political Islam and Communication from Moulay Ismail University, Meknes Morocco. His fields of interest are Communication, Intercultural Communication, Interfaith communication, Religious Studies, Islamic Arts and Cultural Studies. He has published several papers in international journals. They are outlined as follows: - Is Islam as an ideology? In European Scientific Journal - Islam-oriented Parties' Self-censorship and Self-representation on the Internet Lexia journal: Italian Association of Semiotic Studies - Islam-oriented parties Ideological orientations and communication: A book on the publication stage with Cambridge His current projects are as follows. - A book on materiality and technology in the three Ibrahamic religious worship spaces - Islamic Civilizations: Aesthetic representations - Dualism in Al-farabi's philosophy