Akombo Ritual Healing in Tiv Spirituality

By: Anthony Zaayem Apenda  

Health is an integral part of human existence, and cannot be overlooked anytime, anywhere. That is why health related issues attract most serious and percussive attention in all human societies. Today, in recognition of this imperative, attention has been focused on the study and practice of traditional approaches of healing that exist side by side with orthodox western method to achieve wholistic health care delivery in Nigeria. In response to the emerging challenge in Nigeria health sector, the Tiv people have today developed and are expanding on their traditional akombo ritual healing approaches to complement the modern health care system in Nigeria. It is against this background that, this paper seeks to appraise various perspectives and importance of akombo rituals in the attainment of total health care delivery in Nigeria. The paper has adopted the phenomenological and sociological approaches which involve the use of pictorial documentation that demonstrates various types of akombo rituals and their efficacy in healing. The paper buttresses the strength and weakness of akombo ritual healing; its relationship with the socio- political and spiritual structure of the Tiv people, and it advocates a synergy between the traditional and orthodox western methods to achieve comprehensive health care system in Nigeria.

Tiv, Akombo, Healing
Religious Commonalities and Differences
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Anthony Zaayem Apenda

Associate Professor, Religion and Cultural Studies, Benue State University Makurdi

Dr. Anthony Z. Apenda holds BA; MA; PhD. As a senior lecturer in African Religion and Philosophy, he also teaches and researches in Comparative Religion, Islam, and Psychology of Religion at the undergraduate and postgraduate classes. He has published widely in journals and book chapters. He likes travelling for academic endeavors, exchanging knowledge and making friends.