Religious Teaching and Religiosity in Brazilian Public Schools

By: Gabriela Abuhab Valente  

This proposal aims to deepen some understandings about Brazilian secularization. We intend to return to the public debate about secularism in Brazilian public schools nowadays. Moreover, we question the purpose and place of the subject Religious Teaching as part of the scholar curriculum in elementary school. This inquire is inspired by a case study done in a public school located in Santo André, São Paulo. We reached three conclusions: first of all, there is a lack of State responsibility in what concerns this theme; secondly, the discussion should be part and parcel of teaching formation, and; finally, discussions and exchanges with researchers from other countries about secularization may be enlightening for a better definition of the secular model in Brazil.

School, Religiosity, Brazil
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Gabriela Abuhab Valente

I have been studying the interface between religion and education since 2007. I have started this career working with the subject Religious Education in public schools. Since then, I am very keen on secular States debates, specially if the education issue is concerned. Nowadays, I work with the sociology of education background, and my reference object is brazilians' process of socialization, in which the religion is concerned. I intend to start a new research about secularism. The approach of this new reseach will be a comparasion between secularism in France and in Brazil.