Buddhism in the Era of Globalization

By: Kristen Tran  

Many people misunderstand what religion as a concept infers. In general, religion becomes by default part of ones existence no matter where you come from. You may exposed to Buddhism in your born in Asia (most likely). If you are born in Western Europe mostly Catholicism is what you will follow. Islam furthermore is experienced is similar fashion but seem to not be regionally concentrated as it is practiced in South Asia, East and West Africa, Southeast Asia and Northern Africa. Despite the divisions, what all have in common is a shared objective. Observed carefully, education seems to be the common thread that binds all the religious sects together. They all teach us how to relate and treat one another, in addition to providing us with the necessary methods to work on our habitual ways and recognize our true potentials. The main problem, however, is that what we gained from our religious affiliations have done little to resolve our daily sufferings and afflictions. It is not because of religion but rather our interpretation of religion. It is not an organized institution. It is a way forward. It is the practical side of religious teachings that we fail to put to use in everyday life that contribute to our miseries. Self actualizing of faults or habitual ways is an essential objective if one truly want to live free from our own social prisons.

Education, Buddhism, Religion
The Politics of Religion
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Kristen Tran

Adjunct Lecturer, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Hostos Community College, United States
United States