The Concepts of God, Death, and the Life Hereafter in African Traditional Religions

By: Emmanuel Ivorgba  

African traditional religious experience and expression, having emerged from the limbo of negation and skepticism to eventual recognition, is gradually taking its rightful place among the religions of the world, and is considered the legitimate expression of a genuine religious experience of African peoples in their encounter with the divine. Briefly citing the Tiv People of Central Nigeria as a case study, this paper reflects on the African’s belief in the Christian God; who is described in the Holy Bible as having created this universe in a majestic display of power and purpose, the climax of which is a man and woman, in His “Image and Likeness.” The Paper makes a comparative analysis of the Tiv conception of God, Death and of the life hereafter with specific references to their own cultural values and traditional experiences.

African Traditional Religions
Religious Commonalities and Differences
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Emmanuel Ivorgba