The Place of Adzov Religious Movement in Tiv Spirituality

By: Anthony Zaayem Apenda  

Every race or tribe in the world has its own distinctive form, meaning and expression of religion and spirituality. Adzov is a new religious movement that has flourished and saturated Tiv spirituality since 1912. The new movement has been a vehicle for religious and spiritual expression of the Tiv people. The movement is the wheel of energy inside Tiv spirituality. The Adzov religious practices generally manifests themselves in communal ceremonies as essential part of Tiv spirituality; hence the practices and participation among the Tiv increases their self esteem, and has positive effect on their perception of life satisfaction and also the well being of their communities. This paper provides an overview of selected adzov religious movements with emphasis on the ways in which spirituality and religion have been embraced in their psycho-therapy. The new religious movement carry out wide range of worship and healing sessions. The paper focuses on phenomenological approach; using photographs of the practical display of adzov worship and healing sessions. The implication of this work is to demonstrate the sustaining Tiv spirituality through adzov new religious movement in a changing worldview.

Tiv Adzov Spirituality
Religious Community and Socialization
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Anthony Zaayem Apenda

Dr/Associate Professor, Religion and Cultural Studies, Benue State University, Makurdi- NIgeria