Inclusion Policies for Students in Disability in the University Ambit

By: Richard Orlando Buitrago Reyes  

The research raised the relationship between conditions of disability and the policy of inclusion in the university environment. The purpose was to analyze how higher education institutions appropriate the National Public Policy of Disability and Social Inclusion (PPDIS) emanated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection to be applied from the PEI and executed in students with disabilities. Proving that the appropriation of the policy does not apply in practice. The correlation implied the manipulation of the specific variable through the selection procedure. In the manipulation, the appearance of values and the appropriation relation of the policy with univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis were available taking the sample by simple random probabilistic sampling, made up of 591 actors in three institutions in 58 sites, the integration that Students with disability status have inclusion policies and their execution in the university environment. An instrument of twelve semi-structured questions was applied psychometrically from the Likert scale.

Disability, Inclusion, Higher Education, Students, Employees
Management Education
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Mr. Richard Orlando Buitrago Reyes

Research Professor, Engineering and International Business, Universidad ECCI, Colombia

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