Operation Common Goal

By: Sam Spain  

Operation common goal, involves a dynamic activity in which members will partner with someone who looks visibility different from them. They will receive two ropes and the instructor will show them how to interlock. They will have five minutes to get out and if they do get out, they would put their hands up and find three unique things about their partner. Once that is over, we discuss the importance of working together, consider how they displayed teamwork and review how color, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion was not a factor as they were working together for one common goal - getting apart. This activity well set the tone or break the ice in any meeting.During my research and own experiences, I have see where people we're uncomfortable being matched with someone they don't know. As they are interlock together it shows unity and if anyone is able to successfully get out, I the trainer will observe to see if any of the groups would help another duo who is interlock or would they watch them struggle and have them figure it out. I will address this during the feedback session.

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Sam Spain

Owner SBB, Trainer/ Facilitator, SBB Leadership and Diversity LLC