Meta-Cognitive Skills in Teaching

By: Mary George Varghese  

According to meta cognitive theories, meta cognition includes two domains: knowledge of cognition and regulation of cognition (Schraw & Moshman, 1995). Knowledge of cognition includes knowledge about oneself as a learner, knowledge about learning strategies, and knowledge about why and when to use a given strategy. Regulation of cognition includes the ability to plan, monitor, regulate and evaluate your learning process. Instructors can incorporate strategies to help students develop their self-regulatory skills and/or they can use strategies that guide students to think meta-cognitively about course content (i.e., to think like a professional, approach problems as a professional in the discipline would). The researcher uses the Meta cognitive Skills in Skill Improvement Program(SIP) for the Teacher-Trainees. The study reveals that Meta cognitive approach is very effective to sharpen the Teaching Skills among the teacher-trainees. The researcher asserts that the meta cognitive approach is a potential tool to bring vigor and rigor to the teacher preparation program. Hence the researcher urges the academicians to practice it more to improve the quality of Teacher-training Program.

Meta-cognitive Skills, Teaching Skills
Knowledge Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mary George Varghese

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Mes Pillai College of Education and Research, India

I am Dr. Mary George Varghese,an assistant Professor with MES Pillai College of Education & Research Mumbai India.I teach Psychology at the graduate and postgraduate level. I am Ph.D Guide with University of Mumbai. I am a Practicing Clinical Psychologist. I have a Brand called Carewell Holistic IHC and we have three clinics out here in Mumbai.I offer counselling services for relationship issues, learning disabilities, behavioural problems etc. I conduct workshops and training programs for Educational Institutions, corporates and NGOs.I have wide range of academic and personal interests. I am very passionate about research. I have completed several major and minor researches sponsored by various funding agencies.My area of research is Meta-cognition, Brin-Based Learning and Hemisphericity. I am very keen on scholarly platforms which are of high academic credits to learn and share my vies and perspectives.i have several national and international publications and fortunate to attend various conferences internationally. As a person I am very hard working,determinant and ambitious.