Organizational Designing

By: Jan Auernhammer  

Organizational routines are both the micro foundation of Dynamic Capabilities as well as a mechanism of organizational evolution. Such routines are embedded in situational and organizational context. When not consciously and active organized these routines will operate on the default patterns of activities, the shared accepted way of working. Enabling routines towards innovation and organizational renewal requires consciously and actively designing and organizing both context and activities. Designing these situation and experiences have been practiced in human-centered design. This research developed and evaluated in two large companies in Germany and Japan a novel approach of organizing through human-centered design practices to enable agile and innovation within organizations towards organizational renewal. This paper presents both the approach and learnings from case research.

Organizing, Organizational Design, Routines, Dynamic Capabilities, Human Centered Design, Design
2019 Special Focus: The New Story of Organizing
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Jan Auernhammer

Research Engineer & Director Human-centered Design Research, Center for Design Research, Stanford University, United States
United States