The Relationship between Service Excellence and Customer Loyalty

By: Farooq Khan Khan  

In this tremendously competitive business environment, organizations around the globe has employed best strategies to offer higher quality of products and services not only to increase their customer satisfaction but to delight customers. Basically to gain success is not the only constraint to survive and sustain but to accomplish excellence in business through innovation, and best quality of product and services. Services are measured as complex because it is different from physical goods, it is more difficult to define them but service concept is an ultimate part of the strategic advantage pursuing processes of service design, service development and service innovation (Goldstein, Johnston et al. 2002). During the past era, the financial service sector has experienced radical changes, resulting in an extreme competition in market place. Government of Pakistan has privatized quite a number of banks which further rises the competition among the banks. Finding a place in this warming sun becomes vibrant to the long-range profitability and ultimate survival of the banks. This can be done both by providing the excellent services to make the customers not only satisfied but delight and loyal. This research will help out to find that how public and private banks go about delivering the excellent services to make their customers loyal. So basically the problem of this study is: To investigate that how the elements of service excellence adopted by the public and private banks ensure customers satisfaction, delight and loyalty and how it differ between public and private banks .

Customer, Satisfaction, Organization, Culture
Organizational Cultures
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Farooq Khan Khan

Security Officer, Administration, UET Lahore, Pakistan