Roles of Networking and Volunteerism for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh by CSOs

By: Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury  

During the recent years the role and activities of different Non-Governmental Organization i.e. NGOs are being widely discussed in Bangladesh. The people of different walks of life, the policy maker, the politicians, the media and even the high level Govt. Officials are taking part in the debate. The reason is not hidden. The NGOs started their journey in Bangladesh just after the liberation war. At the beginning the NGOs appeared with some apparently noble programmed like reconstruction of war-torn Bangladesh. They came forward to help the rural people to motivate their participation in income generating activities by lending money on easy terms and also by offering consultancy services. Gradually they took programmed like population control, alleviation of poverty, eradication of illiteracy, sanitation, adult education and environment improvement and so on. But very soon the people, the press and the administration began to suspect the role and activities of the NGOs. NGOs are often found reluctant to produce evidence of the source and the amount of fund received and disbursed. Sometimes it appears as if they have formed an administration of their own parallel to the Government ignoring the legal framework existing in the country. It has also been observed that after all these years the fate of the rural poor people remained the same though millions of dollars have been spent in the name poverty alleviation. On the other hand the men in the NGOs are becoming richer and richer day by day.

NGO’s, Socio-economic Development, Bangladesh
Organizational Cultures
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Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury

Chief Executive, Management, NOWZUWAN(NGO), Bangladesh

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