Ecosystem for Innovation in Technology Process and Excellence

By: Venkat Rao Gudivada Gudivada  

The revolution in technology convergence has transformed the workplace. The human excellence pushes the boundary with innovation and quality practices. The climate for innovation and engagement as a context for Excellence is an emerging area for research. The innovation and engagement as linkage to excellence was a conceptual model for presentation. The continuous innovation culture with the engagement of the employees leads to better performance. Organization Creativity is a collective effort to think and implement innovatively with a passion for exceptional organizational performance. The manifestation of innovation may be improved competitive positioning, higher customer satisfaction and decreased costs. The concepts of innovation for excellence in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant were examined with the incident method. The steps in the process of innovation were with quality circle intervention were: Problem Identification, Engagement with Quality Circle, Innovation, Organisation Creativity and, Excellence. The Organisation was benefited with an improved production process, material reduction and an increase in bottom line revenue.

Work Engagement, Innovation, Organisation Creativity, Excellence
Knowledge Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Venkat Rao Gudivada Gudivada

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Resource Management, Bullayya, India

Teaching faculty and scholar with 24 publications in journals and two books. Conducted workshps and seminars in different capacities. Has 12 years expeirience in teaching and research.