Data-driven Management

By: Marcelo Machado  

Based on decades of research, Henry Mintzberg (2009) proposed management to be a combination of science (i.e., focus on analysis), art (i.e., vision and conceptualization) and craft (i.e., the practice of management). Today’s business environment is extremely complex and dynamic. In search of efficiency and effectiveness, the digitalization of business models, processes, products, services and customers generate massive amounts of data. Moreover, new digital technologies have evolved to better process and make sense and generate intelligence from data. Over the years, digital technologies have evolved from reporting what happened (descriptive technologies) to recommending and implementing actions (prescriptive technologies). This paper updates Mintzberg view of management, by proposing digital technologies greatly reduce (sometimes automate) the need for the analytical side of management. Hence, management can better focus its energy on the more strategic, visionary and conceptual aspects of the practice (management). In terms of organization, a pertinent literature review is completed. Then, a “new” management framework is proposed and discussed. Furthermore, the validity of the framework, based a survey of managers is assessed. Lastly, a reflection about preliminary findings and opportunities for future research is also provided.

Digital Technologies, Digital Transformation, Management, Data Analytics
2019 Special Focus: The New Story of Organizing
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Marcelo Machado

Department Chair, School of Business / Entrepreneurial Leadership, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Marcelo Machado has a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management from the School of Knowledge Science at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - A school envisioned and first headed by Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka. He also has a Master's Degree by the University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) in Production Engineering and Systems with a focus on innovation. Marcelo has contributed to the International Journal of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Professionals and has also contributed to several international peer-reviwed conferences. He has 15 years of business experience, mostly in hi-tech companies (e.g. Sharp and Xerox) and is currently a full time faculty at the School of Business at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.