Heterogeneity in the Transition and Challenges of First-time Managers

By: Xavier Mundet   Renate Osterchrist  

Among studies of the transition of employees into a first-manager role a pervasive assumption is that the starting point for the transition is similar. It is of high importance to understand if and how the heterogeneity of starting points that new managers face is associated with different challenges they confront. We rely on over 70 hours of interviews with 45 managers of multinational companies in the time that immediately followed their transition into managers. We study what characterized their starting points and what challenges they were confronted with. Our preliminary findings show key differences in the challenges they face that are associated with the starting point the new manager has. We explore implications on what companies can do to support a successful transition.

Leadership, Management Education, First-time Manager, Becoming a Manager, Learning Organizations
Management Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Xavier Mundet

Renate Osterchrist

Professor , Hochschule M√ľnchen, Germany