Stressors and Organizational Change

By: Muhammad Ali   Tooba Taaliya  

Change is an important factor that takes place in organizations of all sizes, stress is believed to be an antecedent of organizational change and in turn in leads to strain for employees or individual. The purpose of this study is to focus on stressors that arise from change along with the strains that plague employee after change initiatives have taken place, lastly the study focuses on coping strategy and initiatives taken by the organization to help employees deal with strain and stress. For this reason, the researchers identified 32 articles from leading research journals related to organizational change and stress. The research identified stressors like job insecurity, change fatigue, psychological stress which in turn leads to job strain such as mental illness and turnover intention. Coping strategies were also found which included stress management, sense-making, and interventions such as PAR and BPR to help employees cope with stress and strains. The paper helps shed light on stress and organizational change and provides both future directions by articles under review and by the researchers of this articles.

Stress, Change, Strain, Coping
Change Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Muhammad Ali

Student, FAST School of Management, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan

Tooba Taaliya

Student, FAST School of Management, Pakistan