If Culture Ate Strategy for Breakfast, Why Are You Still Hungry

By: Rael Bricker Bricker  

A rich and robust culture is a cornerstone of successful organizations. Interviews with multiple companies spanning over 25 countries creates a unique global perspective on organizations that have succeeded (and failed) to create great cultures. Rael drills down to sharing the learning of those experiences to help organizations develop their culture of excellence. Participants will be inspired to drive their organizations to even greater and richer cultures with shared purpose and values to bind the team members. Global case studies from on one on one interviews showcasing the rich and robust cultures and the toxic and destructive cultures. Ideas for framing and developing organizational purpose that sits on a high level and provides the basic identity for all team members. Examples and tools for developing statements of values that each team member can identify with and live with 4.Understanding of the importance of culture as a critical cornerstone of business excellence The material is relevant at all organizational levels. Team members throughout the organization need to be able to "buy in" to the development of a rich and robust culture and a culture of business excellence.

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Rael Bricker Bricker

Director,, Azerbaijan

From being 6000ft underground to starting an education business to spending years in venture capital, Rael has seen it all. He's listed companies on international stock exchanges and his financial services group has settled more than $3Bn in loans. Rael has a diverse work history, combined with his unique global interviews on culture with companies in more than 25 countries which makes him perfect to advise businesses on growing and achieveing cultural excellence. Rael holds two masters degrees, is a fellow of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and a Professional Member of Professional Speakers Australia.