Job Resources and Job Attitudes

By: Farooq Anwar  

This study was conducted to determine the effect of Job Autonomy (JA) on Work Engagement (WE) and Job Satisfaction (JS) of employees within different private banks in Lahore-Pakistan. This cross-sectional study intended to find out the impact of job resources (autonomy) on positive job attitudes by looking into the moderating role of psychological-capital on these job attitudes. Six hypotheses were developed to see the impact of Job Autonomy on the overall positive job attitudes. A survey was conducted and primary source of data was used to collect the data from respondents by using snowballing technique. PLS Algorithm, Bootstrapping and Blindfolding was used to analyze the study hypotheses. Test analysis showed that job autonomy has significant relationship with work engagement and insignificant with job satisfaction through the moderating role of Psy-Cap.

Job Autonomy, Work Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Job Resources, Psychological-Capital
Organizational Cultures
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Farooq Anwar

Assistant Professor, Lahore Business School, The University of Lahore, Pakistan., Pakistan

Dr. Farooq Anwar is associated with academia for last 15 years in various capacities including Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Head of Department and Dean. After having his doctorate in Management from UMS, Malaysia, Dr. Anwar has various publications in reputed journals and presented his research contributions all across globe.