Qualitative Synthesis of Indoctrination and Socialization within Occupational Cultures

By: Catherine Cole  

Existent research supports a link between occupational culture and member behavior, cognitions, perceptions, and performance. Research suggests occupational culture may have a greater influence on behavior and performance than organizational culture. Research further acknowledges the importance of socialization within occupational cultures. However, research is without substantive exploration of occupational culture indoctrination and socialization methods and occurrences. This paper discusses the preliminary results of a study aimed to integrate qualitative occupational culture research findings to explore and conceptualize member indoctrination and socialization within occupational cultures. Within the interpretive framework of pragmatism, the study applies qualitative metasummary and metasynthesis techniques to meet the following objectives: Describe occupational culture indoctrination methods; Describe occupational culture socialization methods; Explore the occurrences of member indoctrination and socialization into occupational cultures; and Explore the environment of member indoctrination and socialization within occupational cultures. The study’s practice contributions include performance improvement practitioners gaining a greater understanding of occupational culture influences on performance and the potential for proactive interventions in advance of or counter to occupational culture indoctrination and socialization. Furthermore, the study’s qualitative synthesis methodologies expand occupational culture to include practical applications of the results within evidence-based practice disciplines oriented towards organizational performance improvement.

Occupational Culture, Socialization, Performance Improvement
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Catherine Cole

Doctor of Philosophy, Human Capital Development, The University of Southern Mississippi

I am a postdoctoral researcher--practitioner working full time at public sector agency and as a part-time adjunct professor of English and Communication based disciplines. In the public sector, I successfully translate research to practice culminating in results oriented leadership and program management of organizational initiatives linked to organizational goals, stakeholder relations, business improvement processes, and evaluating short and long-range effectiveness of human capital strategies and programs within the public sector. My research interests include exploring occupational culture, performance improvement, change management at the population level of the organizational ecology. In addition, I am currently exploring emerging qualitative and mixed methods research methodologies and data collection to include offline field environments. I have presented and discussed my research at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in the Americas, Annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference, and Sirius XM Radio. I have also served as a peer reviewer for the Workplace Learning Track at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference in the Americas.