Conscious Culture

By: Peter Leong   Mark Vandeneijnde   Annelieke Verkerk   Sujith Ravindran  

Culture is now acknowledged as a key strategic business driver. But there is a lack of systematic ways to address the deep experience and multiple dimensions of people and yet this is at the heart of impactful culture transformation initiatives. Higher impact culture transformation must acknowledge the whole (i.e. all three levels) of the "culture structure" (reference - Edgar Schein’s work). In this paper, we outline how the Human Potential (HP) assessment tool and methodology can be a conduit to address and access all levels of the culture structure, and particularly the “invisible” bottom (or deepest) level where the source of deep human values, action logics and maturity in consciousness lies. It is our contention that only by raising the individual and collective consciousness can we create that "space" where sustained breakthroughs in human performance and results can truly take place. Consciousness is (we say) is the new change lever for profound culture transformation. The HP assessment tool provides robust and compelling data and analytics on human dimensions that give culture change leaders and practitioners confidence and greater visibility to back up the impact of culture change. We then provide a six step “road map” or pathway that gives culture change leaders a practical way to make sense of how to tap into the deeper parts of culture that really matters for impactful culture change investments. Conscious culture transformation advances and elevates human performance beyond current limits of value creation to new levels towards the greater and higher good of all.

Organisational, Culture, Transformation, Consciousness, Human, Potential, Dimensions, Data, Analytics, Performance
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Peter Leong

Director, Change Strategy Limited, New Zealand
New Zealand

I am a management consultant now focusing in the last nine years, initially on strategy execution and then on Human Potential Development in the field of organisational culture, leadership development and people and capability development. I am an Associate member of the Institute of Management Consultant, New Zealand (IMCNZ) and certified individual and organisational coach with Being at Full Potential (based in Switzerland). I am also a member of the leadership council at Being at Full Potential. 

Mark Vandeneijnde

Founder, Being at Full Potential, Switzerland

Annelieke Verkerk

People and Capability, Being at Full Potential, Netherlands

Sujith Ravindran

Founder, Being at Full Potential, Italy