The Power of Prioritization

By: Najla Turk  

Organisations are transforming to create better strategy, better risk management and better outcomes however what is overlooked is diversity of thinking for the future. The challenge for today’s organisations is that they find themselves facing adversity rather than diversity. The fast-changing demographics, changing workplace identity and changing attitude lends itself to challenging situations. In 2017 Qantas delivered record profits of AUD$850 million unlike in 2013, the situation couldn’t be more different whereby Qantas had a record loss in the airline. Fast-forward to 2017, CEO Alan Joyce attributes the monumental turnaround to “a very diverse environment and very inclusive culture.” While most business leaders now believe having a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to performance, they don’t always know how to achieve that goal. By exercising diversity of thinking behind a basic formula of Diversity + Inclusion = better business outcomes, organisations can drive employee and customer engagement. Better business outcomes unpin a relationship-centered approach. Valuing and managing diversity is to understand, value and work with diverse people for the mutual benefit of individuals, groups and to organisation to improve desirable outcomes.

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Najla Turk

Director, EEO, ConnEQt, Australia

Najla Turk is a published author of the book, The Art of Diversity: How to gain competitive advantage through Engagement, and other conference and educational publications. Najla is a regional member on the Multicultural NSW advisory council, ex-board member for Liverpool Migrant Resource Council and member of many committees to help bridge the divide between diverse communities and mainstream vocational education and employment. Najla primary role is to help develop leadership capabilties to drive diversity and inclusion, value diversity of thinking and to help perform a culture reset for global change for a sustainable future. As a community leader and consultant Najla is instrumental in leading, engaging, empowering and neworking with all people, all levels. Najla