Family-Friendly Workplace and Workplace Sustainability

By: Adeola Funmilola Afonja  

One of the aims of an employer in setting up an organization is for the firm to stand the test of time and outlive him/her. To this end, a sustainable workforce is crucial to the long term viability of an organization and thus, employers create an affable working environment through appropriate policies that will enhance employees’ long term commitment to the organization. This study will therefore, examine family friendly workplace sustainability and commitment in the service industry in Nigeria. The study will adopt a descriptive survey research design. Three research questions and hypotheses will be developed to guide the study. The population for the study will cover all employees of the service industry in Lagos State, Nigeria. Simple random sampling technique will be used to select 200 respondents for the study. The instrument titled “Family-Friendly Workplace Sustainability and Commitment in Service Industry Questionnaire” which is the major instrument for data collection will be validated by experts in the field of test and measurement and adult education. The reliability coefficient will also be obtained for the instrument using Cronbach’s Alpha at 0.05 significance level. Data collected will be analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Simple linear regression and Pearson Product Movement Correlation Coefficient will be used to test the hypotheses at 0.01 significance level. Based on the findings, recommendation(s) will be made.

Family-friendly Workplace, Workplace Sustainability, Employee Commitment, Service Industry
Organizational Cultures
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Adeola Funmilola Afonja

Dr. Senior Lecturer, Adult Education, University of Lagos

I am a lecturer in the Department of Adult Education, University of Lagos with interest in the field of Manpower Training and Development Education, Workers' Education and Welfare, Continuing Education and Open Distance Education/Learning. I have articles in all the areas I mentioned above and I am interested in learning more. I have served in various capacities in my Department as well as in the Faculty of Education. I am since 2016 the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education of the Faculty of Education.