Effectiveness and Impacts of a Senior Leadership Development Program at a Faith-based K-12 School

By: Albert Haddad  

The CEO / Principal of a faith-based school (700 students) engaged an executive coach (the author) to design and deliver a two-year leadership development program and her senior management team and the heads of five sub-schools. The main objective of this program was to develop the sub-school leaders’ soft skills and the ability to work in a cohesive team environment. The program consisted of monthly leadership workshops for the whole team and bi-monthly individual coaching sessions for each of the 12 senior leaders. The impact of this initiative was felt in a number of ways. Firstly, the development of a team culture that is robust, build on trust and openness. However, this took a long time to develop. Secondly, the relations between the senior team members developed in a way to break the silos that existed between the sub-schools and the individuals. Their planning became strategic, leading from one school to another, building relationships between students and synchronizing programs. The author will present the steps implemented, cultural and organisational outcomes and share the learning from this initiative and their implications to other organisations.

Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, School Leadership, Organisational Culture
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Dr. Albert Haddad

I am an senior academic leader with one of the more progressive and growing non-University Higher Education Providers in Australia, Alphacrucis College. I am also a leadership, management and change consultant to corporate, universities and not for profit organisations in Australia. I have an eighteen years research science, six years in Human Resurces, and twelve years runing my own leadership development consultancy. Over the last three years I have led the Academic team at Harvest bible College and now I am teh Director of Academic Administration at Alphacruscis College. I hold a Doctor of Education specialising in leadership and change. My research interest is in how people feel, interpret and make sense of the change they are going through. My passion is to help people achieve their potential. Most times we do not achieve our potential due to a number of barriers we face. In my experience and practice these barriers are on five levels. The outer one is our comptencies and achievements, the inner levels in order are our relationships, our feelings, our thinking and our core values or spiritual centre. My main interest is to assist people to know what is holding them back and to find release at each of these levels. This often helps them to achieve their potential.