The Measure of Leadership Strength

By: Derrick Samuels  

The place and power of measuring anything of value cannot be overestimated. Whether it is thermometer, hygrometer, hydrometer, Anemometer, Refractometer, or a Sphygmomanometer; it is obvious that today’s scientists continue to design, manufacture and; improve upon measuring varying instruments. This they do, to reduce possibility of production defects, improve on process safety and; enhance overall effectiveness and efficiencies of those devices. While these are important steps in the world of scientific measurement; the question is, how much is being done through research and applicability to measure leadership effectiveness? How much are today's leaders being prepared to take on any leadership role? After all, how can aspiring leaders put their leadership skills to effective use if they do not know what they are? Do they know whether a leader is more of a future-oriented leader or a leader who is focused on the present? What about a leader’s openness to learning and new experiences—are they stronger when they stick to routines, or do they flourish when they encounter new environments and ideas? This is a quantitative study where the researcher seeks to help aspiring leaders gain insight into their strong points and analyze their leadership styles. Results from this evaluation will form as the basis for planning professional development and improving on leadership effectiveness. The researcher hopes that outcomes from this study will further benefit educational institutions, private and public sectors and; serve as lesson learned to the global body of knowledge.

Leadership, Organizations, Effectiveness, Measures, Measurement, Sustainability
Management Education
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Derrick Samuels

United States

Dr Derrick Samuels, President, DSLI and Faculty Mentor and Thomas Edison State University