To Use or Not to Use Technology?

By: Deborah Okolo  

The proliferation of ICTs has changed the structure of modern organizations around the world making it compulsory for employees to interface with various kinds of technologies for work performance. ICTs is regarded as the basis of global and local competitiveness in business because of its ability to facilitate and enhance effective and efficient production and delivery of goods and services. Despite all the benefits associated with the use of technology by organizations, it is believed that technology is a double-edged sword that offers numerous advantages and disadvantages because of its impact on employees wellbeing. Researches have shown that ICTs is responsible for inducing stress in employees, this kind of stress is referred to as technostress. Technostress is a stress caused by the inability of individuals to cope with the use of technology or overexposure to ICTs. The speedy technological revolutions have created a knowledge gap for employees, multitasking, work overload and work-family conflict. The major objective of this paper is to investigate the current literature base of technostress and its antecedents, implications and moderators. This paper utilized a systematic literature review and content analysis was used to collect and analyse the literature. Findings revealed that technostress can affect job satisfaction organizational commitments, performance, productivity and intention to extend the use of ICTs. The antecedents, implications and moderators of technostress would be discussed.

Technostress, Technology, Antecedents, Moderators, Implication, ICTs,
Change Management
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Deborah Okolo

Ph.D. , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( UTM) Azman Hashim International Business School, United States
United States

Deborah Okolo is a Ph.D. Candidate at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( UTM), Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS). She obtained, MBA ( specialized in HR) from INTI International University Nilai Malaysia, Masters of Arts in Management from University of Hertfordshire UK and Bs.c in Public Administration from University of Jos, Nigeria. She has worked in the Nigerian banking sector for 8 years. Her research interest is in organizational behavior (technostress, job design, employee engagement, technological change management, Leadership and counterproductive work behavior