Leadership Team Coaching in Higher Education Institutions

By: Vehbi Miftari  

In the last two decades the Balkan Countries have faced with a rapid change of the countries’ business environment. In Kosovo this transformation has been more complicated than in other neighboring countries due to the late state building process and the transformation of the economy system from state controlled system to the open market economy, but also the challenge of organizational leadership from individual one to the collective leadership. Leadership communication has been seen as fundamental goal for the enterprises to succeed. The number of researches in this field in Kosovo are very limited. They are mostly based on the efficient policy set-up of improving the business environment (GLP, 2012), but exclude the collective leadership education. Our research aims to identify the leaders’ forms and methods of communication in medium enterprises in developing countries and to identify the establishment of a new transformational leadership as a tool for improving the doing business tendency. The research objective is to have an overlook on leaders’ profile in medium enterprises in Kosovo. The research will analyze the tendency of transforming the leadership from individual educated leaders to the active responding leaders, the ways they have established the new effective team coaching environment and the challenges they are facing with. A survey will be conducted. The instrument used will be questionnaire, which will be delivered to the leaders of seven public universities, private colleges and Ministry of Education of Kosovo. The quantitative data will be analyzed with SPSS software.

Leadership, Team, Education
Organizational Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Vehbi Miftari

Assistant Professor, Human Resources , University of Peja

Assistant Professor at the University of Peja, in Kosovo.