By: Caroline Akhras  

This case study focuses on change management in the Middle East and North African (MENA). MENA business organizations actively respond to forces of change in their marketplace. Even though perceived as static, many MENA business organnizations are not only aware of change forces in their immediate environment but also adapt readily to these factors based on environmental analysis conducted by their planning division. 159 participants employed in local industry participated in the research. This case study showed that success is contingent on structure and human capital. The result of the study and its main limitations imposed by time and space indicate that more comprehensive research is required in this area in order to better understand the impact of empowerment and accountability on leading change in MENA..

Empowerment, Accountability, MENA
Change Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Caroline Akhras

Associate Professor, Management and Marketing, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

I am an international scholar with Keynote speaches in Dalian, China at the 2017 WED and the 2016 EBM in Guuanghzhu, MiniChair at the ICMLG in Thailand, Chair at Johannesburg, South Africa, presenter in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Auckland, New Zealand, apart from participation at the AACE Conferences in the United States, Canada, The Netherlands and Germany. Resaerch and practice in business management have been my bread and butter since graduate school in 1989 as it is my professional life at Notre Dame University. I am a practioner-researcher in the field of business management though my niche is organizational behavior. It is there that I have engaged in much research focusing on the critical role played by leadership in terms of personality, attitudes, diversity, virtual structure, and culture.