Narratives for Action

By: Rosemary Papa   Ric Brown  

The goal of greater democracy and equality has to provide a fuller range of opportunities that render educational availability for all. In an effort to work together globally so that all children go to school, the strategic use of narratives has been chosen as the vehicle to share practices and solutions to educational issues worldwide. Educational Leaders Without Borders (ELWB is a global network of educational scholars and educators who have chosen to work on behalf of all children going to school. It is free to all and offers an educational network and forum for over 200 scholars and educators representing countries from 6 continents. The main objective of the collaborative is that all children have a right to go to school. Our second objective is not to make schools as they exist more efficient at what they do, but to call into question what schools do in the first place and how they work or should work to provide greater equality to all children and their families. It is not only the availability of schools for all children worldwide, but what kind of schooling is available to them. The main vehicle for sharing is the use of narratives to highlight salient (glocal -global/local) educational issues and possible solutions from local efforts. In this presentation, narratives will be shared with participants and how the role of narratives offer hope in a world of turmoil.

Leadership, Global Initiative
Knowledge Management
Focused Discussion

Rosemary Papa

The International Professor of Comparative Education and Leadership, Comparative and International Leadership, Soka University of America, United States
United States

Ric Brown

Adjunct, Soka University of America, United States
United States