Narrative as Reflexive Praxis

By: Wincharles Coker  

This paper explores the work of communication educators in Ghana, and how it shapes the knowledge economy. The study seeks to examine how the narratives of senior communication program administrators in two public universities in Ghana shed light on professional practice in this community. Based on the researcher's own self-reflexivity, fieldnotes, technical documents (e.g. curricula, course syllabi, departmental minutes), and in-depth interviews, the study revealed that knowledge work in communication education in the two universities is constrained by a not so vibrant community that faces challenges in localizing curricula, and is yet to coordinate its research agenda in the face of an onerous quality assurance regime. The study bears implications for research in instructional communication, professional and technical communication, and the need for stronger international partnerships.

Communication, Education, Knowledge
Knowledge Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Wincharles Coker

Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana