Organizational Culture in a Small, Non-Profit Organization in Transition

By: Michael Jewell  

Through the development of the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), Cameron and Quinn (2011) presented a method to assess the current climate within an organization and where the members of the organization believe the organization needs to be. This paper sought to provide an overview of Tahquitz Pines Conference Center, assess the culture using the OCAI, provide an overview of the results, analyze the meaning of the results, develop an organizational profile, and provide some suggestions on what Tahquitz Pines can do to bring its culture in-line in line with where the staff believe it needs to be. It was found that the culture leaned towards a clan-based culture with strong hierarchical leanings. Suggestions included acknowledging the apparent discrepancies between the two culture types, becoming more market-oriented, and the empowerment of employees.

Organizational Culture Non-profit
Organizational Cultures
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Michael Jewell

Conference Center Director, Tahquitz Pines Conference Center, California Baptist University, United States
IN, United States

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