Finding Process Thought in the Systems Model

By: Thomas D. Lynch   Cynthia Lynch  

This paper explores the parsimoniousness of the Systems Theory logic model using Process Thought to apply it to three management activities, Budgeting, Building Harmonious Organizational Environments, and Transparency. This model, developed by Thomas D. Lynch in Public Budgeting in America (1995), presents a logic sequence with data feedback loops that can monitor and quantify the effectiveness of an intervention or administrative function. This model is particularly adaptable to complex abstract issues.

Systems, Process
Change Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Thomas D. Lynch

Professor Emeritus, International Academy for Interfaith Studies

Thomas D. Lynch is Professor Emeritus from Louisiana State University, in E. J. Orso Collage of Business, the Public Administration Institute. He also served Research Professor and Executive Director of the University of Texas Pan American at San Miguel de Allende (2008-2010). In 1992/93, he was President of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and was the recipient of the ASPA 'Keeper of the Flame Award' (2012). He has authored several books in public administration key among them is Public Budgeting in America soon to be in its 6th edition. He founded and was editor of The Public Manager for ten years, and he founded the Global Virtue Ethics Review, a peer reviewed electronic journal an was its original Editor-in- Chief for several years. He is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and more recently he has turned his writing extensively on virtue ethics and consciousness development. His most recent books are 'The Christian Enigma: Back to the Message' (2014) and 'Awakening Consciousness' (forthcoming).

Cynthia Lynch

Associate Professor, Master on Public Administration, Hawaii Pacific University, United States
HI, United States

Cynthia E. Lynch is an Associate Professor in Public Administrration. She is currently teaching at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu Hawaii. From 2016-2018, she taught in the MPA program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Prior to joining UTRGV, she taught in the MPA program of Southern University, in Baton Rouge, Louisana. Dr. Lynch is alos an Ordained Interfaith Minister.