Healing after Organizational Trauma

By: Lynda Byrd-Poller   Jennifer Farmer   Valerie Ford  

Effective 21st century organizations build cultures that adapt to an unpredictable and changing environment. This work endeavors to make a contribution to knowledge about organizational trauma and leader behaviors - specifically what leaders can do when there are signs of trauma in the organization due to organizational change. This session will focus on the conceptual relationship between organizational trauma, organizational change, transformational leadership behaviors and their influence on engagement and professional identity. Through our discussion we hope to gain insight to inform future research that will help to validate the conceptual framework and further the understanding of organizational trauma.

Change, Culture, Trauma
Change Management
Focused Discussion

Dr. Lynda Byrd-Poller

Thomas Nelson Community College, United States
United States

Dr. Jennifer Farmer

Renewed Mindset, LLC, United States
United States

Dr. Valerie Ford

ISP Global Communication, United States
United States