Employees’ Perception of Fairness in Relation to Managerial Skills of Their Supervisors in the Workplace

By: Ana L. Gonzalez   Toni DiDona DiDona   Wendyned Centeno Soto Centeno Soto   Reinier Ramirez Ramirez   Paul Marrero Marrero  

The role of fairness perception and its links with managerial practices are included among the most frequently researched topics in industrial-organizational psychology, human resource management, and organizational behavior over the last decade. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between employees’ perception of fairness and managerial skills of their supervisors. Results of this study found a moderate positive correlation between variables. Findings confirmed that the managerial skills of supervisors and their family supportive behaviors have an impact on employees’ perception of fairness.

Well-being, Management, Fairness
Knowledge Management
Poster/Exhibit Session

Ana L. Gonzalez

Student, Albizu University, Miami, United States
Florida, United States

Dr. Toni DiDona DiDona

Albiza University, Miami

Wendyned Centeno Soto Centeno Soto

Student, Albiza University, Miami

Reinier Ramirez Ramirez

Admissions Representative, West Coast University

Paul Marrero Marrero

Masters Student, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Albiza University, Miami