Military Leadership Development and its Role in Natural Disaster Management

By: Sandra Dennis  

The social and economic devastation from natural disasters takes an enormous toll and the resources to rebuild can take decades and consume much of the aid directed to these countries. The humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence are discussed in light of military intervention in the face of natural disasters. On April 16, 2016, the west coast of Ecuador suffered a major earthquake. A case study of events and the actions of the country’s military are documented in a firsthand account. Recommendations are made for military actions for future events which could also be extrapolated to other countries. The need for contingency plans to be formulated and consistent policy making to be in place in anticipation of natural disasters is advanced. Leadership development is shown to be crucial in emergency situations, along with strong project management skills..

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Knowledge Management
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Sandra Dennis

Consultant, Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction and Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC Provincial Government, Canada
British Columbia, Canada