Elimination of Creative Employee’s Knowledge Depreciation

By: Lina Girdauskiene  

Successful economic development and the competitiveness of the world nations mostly depend on capability of the manpower. Therefore organizations should be interested in improving the present human resources by constant knowledge and skills renewal. Despite of growing interest of scientist in creative employee and knowledge depreciation, the problem of creative employee’s knowledge depreciation is still being studied in a broad sense while lacking concentration in specific the issues of elimination of the depreciation. Thus the individual employee differences of various sectors would be recognized and the most suitable ways of elimination of creative employee’s knowledge depreciation would be found. Scientific problem is formulated as a question what ways of knowledge depreciation should be applied to various creative employees according to their type of learning and the stage of their career life cycle? Quantitative methodology was applied and findings show that knowledge depreciation is a dynamic process with various causes what are mutual for all creative employees without the differentiation by their style of learning. To eliminate knowledge depreciation while using various learning styles the most acceptable ways of each style must be applied. The ways of elimination of knowledge depreciation cannot be reasonably used by career life cycle in spite of some distinct connections with it. Based on the carried out research it can be stated that the ways of elimination differ depending on the learning style however some of the ways are universal for several learning types.

Knowledge Depreciation
Knowledge Management
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Lina Girdauskiene

Associate Professor, School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology