A New Business Model

By: Cassandra Patrizio  

The explosion of the information throughout the past decade has created a lot of technological development throughout our society. One of the main advancements has been the elaborate development of various social media platforms. With the emergence/importance of social media, the Oprah Winfreys and Barack Obamas of the future will not be found behind a desk. Instead, they will come from the Internet. Nowadays, most of the members of the younger generations want to build a social media empire, whether it be as a blogger, Instagram influencer, Snapchat star or YouTuber. Since the creation of YouTube, a video sharing website, in 2005, people like Justin Bieber and Alessia Cara were able to make a name for themselves and get discovered with the click of a button. In recent years, a more fascinating trend has been on the rise. The trend is that of having a YouTube career. This occurs when regular teens decide that they want to create content for viewers. Therefor, the purpose of this research is to understand how someone can build a business empire on social media, mainly with a focus on YouTube, and examine the effects that this form of business has on society, the economy and the negative impact this can have on the actual people involved, as well as our future generations. This research will be done through the analysis of various scholarly articles and by studying three very popular YouTube sensations.

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Cassandra Patrizio