How Does an Administrator Learn

By: Pablo Müller Ferrés Müller Ferrés  

Knowing how people learn is a great advance to prepare for life learn proposals, as to make work solicitations more efficient and more likely to had success. This study examined the structural validity and reliability of the Self-Directed Learning Scale in a representative sample of administration students of a Chilean university. Additionally, the research established levels of performance on the scale and explored its variation according to sex and seniority in the career. Using the content analysis, we came up with the way to ask questions, using the exploratory factor analysis for the comparison with the original scale. Finally, the study showed the similarities and differences with previous studies carried out in other careers.

Structural Validity, Analysis
Management Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Pablo Müller Ferrés Müller Ferrés

Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile

I'm a Business Engineer with Doctorate in Education Master, Master in Pedagogy, Master in Administration and Master in Finance. I work in education for last 15 years but also work as a consultant for privates corporations and as entrepreneur with my own company. My research interest are mostly based in pedagogy and in teaching techniques, as well as methodology