The Internet, Artifical Intelligence, Robotics, Innovation, and Globalization

By: Noah Hart, Jr.  

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to explore with participants the nexus of ethics and the future. Specifically: What should the role of ethics be in the following areas: the internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, innovation, globalization and other areas. The implications of this workshop permeate the common fibers of the global community; whether economic, educational, scientific, and countless other areas. Moreover, there will be implications for how life might be lived and work is done. To facilitate this interactive workshop, participants will be divided into small groups and tasked will examining an ethical dilemma. Each group will examine a specific ethical dilemma and report back to the entire workshop the following: Does the group agree that there is an ethical dilemma? Based on what framework was the group's decision made? If there is an ethical dilemma, what should the response be and how should the response be made? .At the end of the report back session, the presenter will reflect on the collective findings, and provide conceptual, theoretical, and practical perspectives.

Organization Behavior
Organizational Cultures
Workshop Presentation

Dr. Noah Hart, Jr.

Professor, Monmouth University

Dr. Hart has held various administrative and teaching positions during his more than four decades long career in American colleges and universities. His charges have included accreditation, admissions, advising, orientation, counseling, academic standing and student review, scholarships, experiential education (internships, cooperative education, and service learning), institutional advancement, job placement, adjudication, residence life, and the Educational Opportunity Fund (E.O.F.) program. He has taught Western Civilization I and II, Ethics, Diversity and Social Responsibility, Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Urban Education, Multicultural Education, and the First Year Experience seminar to students interested in majoring in business administration. Dr. Hart has visited more than twenty (20) countries.Dr. Hart's current research interests include: 1) organizational behavior, 2) organizational development, 3) corporate compliance, 4) corporate governance, and 5) psychotherapy.