A Company That Learns Together

By: Patrick Hill  

The purpose of this paper is to address the need for a progressive training program in organizations to provide employees with position-appropriate technical and ethical training that will increase innovation and loyalty. This conceptual paper examines technical and ethical training models for organizations; the organizational design approach for a progressive training program; and the need for communications and change management for its implementation. Organizations that invest in their employees’ professional development have higher degrees of success, longevity, and innovation. Implementing training into the organizational design creates efficiency and grows internal leaders who have both the technical expertise and moral character needed to lead at higher levels. By placing the responsibility of ongoing training on the Human Resources department, the individual managers and supervisors are free to focus on the primary operations of their departments. Free and open two-way communication with regards to changing the culture and practices creates a culture where all employees are valued for their beliefs, experience, and contributions. Recommend further studies on organizations that struggle with high turnover and employee dissatisfaction and see if poor training or lack of training is a factor. Organizations that do not currently have an ongoing and progressive training program can use the research, tools, and proposed structure of this paper to implement a program to increase the innovation and longevity of the organization and the loyalty and professional development of their employees.

Organizational Training, Ethics
Knowledge Management
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Patrick Hill

Director, Navy Band Great Lakes, United States Navy, United States
WI, United States

I have served over 20 years in the United States Navy Music Program. As an enlisted Sailor, I was a French Horn Instrumentalist, Unit Leader, Ceremonial Conductor, and Instructor. My commissioned assignments include Assistant Leader of the United States Naval Academy Band, Training Officer at the Naval School of Music, and my current assignment as the Director of Navy Band Great Lakes. I have also served in a variety of churhc leadership ositions including Deacon, Worship Leader/Choir Director, Men's Ministry Leader, and Adult Bible Study teacher. An experienced leader, I have successfulyy built cohesive teams, designed and implemented training programs, been a project manager, and led large organizations through restructuring and significant change management efforts.