Two Ideas Combined a Different Way

By: Dave Soock  

Change is a process people and organizations experience and is often described as several stages(Elizabeth Kubler-Ross -1969, William Bridges - 1991, Jeff Hiatt - 2003). People are motivated differently depending on their behavioural motivators or "personal style" (Carl Jung - 1921, Isabel Briggs & Peter B. Myers - 1980, Lahnee Pavlovich - 2016) . Meeting the needs of individuals during a change depends on both the stage of the change they are experiencing and their personal behavioural profile. Combining these two aspects of stage and style can be represented in a simple visual manner to measure the "people progress" of change. This provides a monitoring mechanism to shape change strategies and tactics through the course of a change initiative. Using this methodology and measurement technique is an effective way to reduce personal and organizational disruption and reduce time to adoption.

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Dave Soock

Partner, you-curve Inc.

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