A Comparative Study of Multiculturalism and Multicultural Education in Japan and South Korea

This presentation will introduce the audience to the issue of multiculturalism and multicultural education. Each term will be thoroughly defined for the purpose of this study. In addition to defining terms, the author/presenter/researcher will examine the progression of government policy for South Korea and Japan. This study is comparative in nature and thus this comparative analysis will examine the phenomena of multiculturalism and multicultural education as it has progressed and exists between South Korea (i.e., the focus of the author's/presenter's dissertation in 2016) and Japan (i.e., a new foci point). A special note will be made in regard to North Korea and small moves towards allowing more diverse populations into the country on a short-term basis that may eventually affect the reality of this nation within the world’s purview.

Japan, South Korea, Multiculturalism, Government Policy, Comparative Analysis

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Janelle Simmons
    • Dr. Janelle C. Simmons currently works as a consultant. She is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She taught psychology from 2006 to 2015 at various colleges and universities in New York, New Jersey, online and in China. She earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Liberty University in 2016 and her Ed.S. in Curriculum Instruction in 2013. She holds a Master of Divinity from Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Michigan State University. She is a member of organizations such as; ASCD, AERA, Division 15 of the APA, Division 7 of APA. etc.